“Queen Bee” Single Bracelet

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Queen Bee” Single bracelet
Tibetan Dzi 14mm beads
“Queen Bee” charm

These beads have been found in Tibet, India, Nepal and other areas in Central Asia and are always made from dZi agate or sometimes carnelian. They are mainly used in necklaces and bracelets and were worn by chiefs of the Bön religion in Tibet who were often cremated wearing them. There have been beads found with scorching or burns and also fractures from being in the flames; these are worth quite a lot of money due to their historical importance.
There is a really interesting take on how these intricately designed beads were made, or should we say formed. Tibetans believed dZi beads to be insects that have become petrified and were left as gifts to people with good karma. The dZi beads are said to bring the owner/wearer good fortune, health and luck, as well as being a very protective thing to wear every day.