What did I tell you?” Annoyed Jessica rolled her eyes and brushed past Malcolm entering the apartment.
Damn Jess a brother can’t get no love?” Dropping his outstretched arms Malcolm locked his front door and followed her down the long hallway.
Every time I come over here you’re never ready. I didn’t come over her for small talk and hugs Malcolm. I’m here for the dick.”
Tossing her motorcycle jacket on the couch she sat and began to slide her riding boots off. Their routine of intense casual sex had begun three years prior when she spotted him in Western Beef picking through a batch of bell peppers. One look at his dick print in his grey sweat pants was all it took. It took her a full minute to acknowledge his face. Never in her life had she seen something that thick and curved. Jessica had become a welcoming participant of Malcolm’s soul sucking sessions ever since.
Smirking he stood before her and dropped his boxer briefs.
Imma tear your ass up today. Hurry up and take your shit off.” Smacking her gently with the head of his dick on her mouth he watched while she eased out of her bra and panties. Her scent of arousal smelled like a mixture of fruit and desire. Malcolm spit on her clit and began to slowly lap her pink, plump pussy lips.
Yes! Eat this!” Jessica’s head fell back into the cushioned pillows. Grabbing him by the back of his head she opened her legs wider as her eyes rolled back. Malcolm was the first man that she had ever met that had mastered the triple threat. He could make her cum with his fingers, dick and tongue. By the way he was slurping her nectar out and spitting back on her she knew the first orgasm of the day would be coming soon.
Got damn it! Yous’ a nasty motherfucker!” Jessica looked down at him in shock as he stuck one finger into her anus and the other into her vagina while continuing to eat up. Malcolm hungrily moaned while swallowing her tangy nectar. He loved to eat pussy, especially Jessica’s. She allowed him to spit, lick and slurp with any hesitation or complaints. Malcolm’s dick dripped with pre-cum while thoughts of entering her slick hole made him even harder.
Pumping back against his face she felt her first climax rising. Her walls began to thump and involuntarily clamp down on his tongue. She was at the point of no return.
Did I say that it was okay for you to cum?” Pulling himself free of her grip Malcolm began to suck her juices off of his fingertips while watching Jessica squirm in frustration.
Please make me cum! I was right there. Don’t do me like this.” She pleaded.
Get up and give me a kiss. Come taste your pussy…and then I’ll make you cum.” Stroking his cock he turned his back on her and began to walk away.
Jessica took off like a track star, “Stop fucking playing with me Malcolm!”
Leaping on his back she frantically kissed the side of his face while he carried her piggybacked into the bedroom.
You was talking all of that shit a minute ago. What happen?” He teased. Slapping her on the thigh he continued to laugh.
You’re choking the shit out of me. Get down so I can give you this dick.” Jessica unwrapped her thick chocolate legs from his waist, slowly crawling onto the king size bed. Back shots were like kryptonite to him, she knew the sight of her plump rear end would drive him insane. Winking back at him she arched her back, burying her face deep into the pillows.
Just put the head in. Let me feel a little bit.” She coaxed.
Just the head? That’s all you want?”
Grinding his teeth, Malcolm grabbed her waist and sunk all 9 inches of his thick dick down into her gushiness. Why does her pussy have to be so good? He thought to himself. Pussy this good will have you curled up in a ball in tears. Steading himself he began to give her long, deep, solid slow strokes. The ripples in her wide ass slammed back hard onto his waist as Jessica threw it back at him.
Why you always so wet?” Pulling himself out his entire penis was coated with her white creamy juices. Replacing his dick with his fingers he began to finger her.
Shit. I’m about to cum. Please I wanna cum on your dick. Put it back in please!”
Smacking her on the ass, Malcolm flipped Jessica onto her back and slid his cock back into her warm, welcoming hole. Locking eyes with her his dick hit her cervix, kissing her soul.
You gonna give me a fucking hug and speak the next time you come over here!” Malcolm demanded.
YES! God this feels so good. I’m speak baby. I promise Imma speak.” Grabbing his shoulders, she bit down hard on the side of her cheek while exploding all over him. Malcolm increased his speed while trying to contain his own orgasm. The combination of her fuck faces and throbbing walls bought him to his knees.
I feel you cumming. Damn this shit is so tight.” Malcolm leaned in, kissing her passionately. Feeling his own climax rise he tried to pull out. Arching her hips, Jessica began to fuck back even harder.
Cum in me. Cum in your pussy Malcolm.” Shaking his head no, he tried unsuccessfully to free himself. Wrapping her legs around his waist Jessica clamped down hard onto his dick while licking the side of his face. Unable to withstand the torment Malcolm shot off hard and deep inside of her.
God damn it. You good pussy motha fucka!” Shaking his head from side to side he collapsed on his side and tried to catch his breath.
You want some water?” She asked while wiping the sweat off his forehead.
Ha! You in my shit asking me if I want some water?”
Jessica toyed with the diamond ring on her finger and kissed him on the lips.
Our shit. I got papers on you remember?” she called out over her shoulder while making her way to their small kitchen. Malcolm wiped his wet dick off on the sheets while looking up at the ceiling.
You surely do. Now get back in here and give your husband some more of that pussy before we have to pick up those bad ass kids in the morning.”
Placing the glass of ice water on the night stand Jessica kissed her husband continuing their weekly get away and sex rendezvous.