The early morning sun caused Q to squint his eyes to block the glare out. He adjusted the heavy duffel bag on his shoulder and headed up 145th street on his way home. Tired and mentally drained from work he could not wait to jump in the hot shower and relax.

There has to be another way. I am sick of living like this he thought as he finally reached the top of the hill on Amsterdam Avenue. His stomach rumbled, reminding him that he had not ate the entire night. Walking into the corner Bodega he grabbed the Sunday paper a croissant and an apple to snack on. Q silently nodded at the Dominican man behind the counter. Placed his money on the counter and began to exit the store.

“Still running from the pussy Mr. Stuck Up?” Tawanna asked. Tawanna was your typical around the way hood beauty. At 5’5ft she was stacked in all the right places. Big, juicy breast, small waist, a firm bubble butt and thick full legs to die for. Tawanna always rocked her hair in new trendy style and this morning was no exception. Her Jet black, short, cropped Halle Berry Cut accentuated her big doe eyes. Tawanna flashed Q her killer deep dimpled smile and waited for a reaction.

Brushing past her quickly Q acted as if he had not heard a word. For the past three years since he moved from his Richmond Hill area of Queens to this neighborhood in Harlem, It had been the same type of dialog with Tawanna. The only reason why he even knew her name in the first place was because she had told it to him so many times prior.

Checking herself out in the mirror, Tawanna was on point from head to toe. Her Vicky, “Pink”, canary yellow sweat suit hugged her ass perfectly, the matching hoody, nicely enhanced her full cleavage. Her yellow and grey Air max sneakers were fresh out of the box. She just knew she was the shit.

Running out of the store, she screamed after him, “Fucking Faggot! You’re wasting all of that good dick running up in a shitty asshole”. Laughing, she dusted off her bruised ego. Headed in the opposite direction and stormed off.

Q gripped his bag even tighter, letting the comment catch his back.</p>

She is not even worth the response.

Smirking he thought to himself, Little Mrs. Ghetto will never sample any of this good daddy dick!

Heading around the corner he finally reached his apartment building. Zipping open his duffel bag he shuffled his costumes out the way and found the keys for the front door.

Home sweet home…

Jogging up the four flights of stairs he entered his apartment, stripped down at the door and headed for the bathroom. Q took a long hot shower, closed all the blinds to block the sun out and went directly to bed.

Hours later the moon light awakened him. The long, peaceful sleep rejuvenated his muscles and he was ready for another long hard night at work. He was eager to perform his daily much needed routine. Pulling the sheets down he glanced at his night stand and made sure all of his “Equipment” was there. Hopping out of bed, he walked to his window, cracked it open and pulled up the blinds. Standing in the window completely naked with the exception of the 50 or so various tattoos which covered his muscular arms, shoulders back and chest, Q began to get excited. This was their nightly routine. His only authentic release. Looking down at his now swelling cock,he needed to release his load so badly. He began to get antsy. Normally they would’ve began by now. Glancing at the clock on the wall he checked the time 9:00pm. He wasn’t late. For the next 15 minutes or so he paced nervously, waiting, wondering if maybe their routine was finally over.

Biting his bottom lip and smiling widely he relaxed. Finally “She” was here. “She” went by the name of Karen. Karen was an older middle aged beauty. Simple, quiet, reserved yet incredibly, beautiful. Although she was almost 20 years his senior her grace rocked his world. At 50 she was a curvaceous size 22, stacked and super sexy. A divorced, retired music teacher, she would unwind nightly by playing her piano. The first time Q caught her playing Alicia Keys “Fallen” completely nude he was hooked like a dope addict. It was more than just the visual of her large round areolas or the swollen, pussy lips of her fat vagina that turned him on. It was the passion that was written across her face as she closed her eyes and seemed to escape with the music.

Laying back down on the bed he grabbed the KY jelly from the night stand, and began to lube his thickening dick. Tonight would be different though. To his surprise, Karen stood up, placed one leg up on her wooden mahogany stool, opened up her shaven lips and began to finger herself slowly.

SHIT!! He moaned, while stroking himself with more intensity. Out of all of the years as working as an exotic dancer Q had seen thousands of drop dead gorgeous women but none had ever stimulated him like this one. He was sick and tired of faking a smile to get a better tip, going on arranged “dates” to pay for his bills. He hated sitting across tables at dinner with beautiful empty, soul-less women who only gave a fuck about how big his dick was or how rough he could fuck them. He was tired of performing night after night and coming home alone without any one to sincerely talk to. Q had pussy being thrown at him from left to right…but he had no one to talk to and share his world with. Karen had done what the others could never do, capture his mind. She was his fix. His get high and tonight she was kicking it up a notch.

Karen cupped her DD’s together and began to suck on her own nipples. Q massaged the head of his dick with the palm of his hand in circular motions causing his toes to lock and curl. He would give any amount of money to be able to feed on her juicy breast. Totally turned on she sat on the stool opened her legs wide winked at him and began to playfully smack her pussy.

Q began to jerk harder and fast with a steady rhythm. His back stiffen and arched as he imagined in his head what the tip of his dick would feel like sliding in her hot, wet tunnel.

Karen opened her pussy fully for him with one hand, placed one leg up beside her and pulled out a pink rabbit.

This bitch is going to make me shoot to the got damn ceiling He thought. When did she get that??

Q licked the tips of his right fingers and began to rub on his hard nipple while stroking his cock. He was trying his hardest to calm his rising nut down, but she had upped the ante with the rabbit.

Karen fucked herself deep and hard, throwing her head back fully getting into it. The vibrator swirled inside of her in a fast circular motion while the rabbit ears stimulated her pearly hard, glistening clit.

Q grabbed his thick dick with both hands and began to stroke slow and hard.

Karen could feel her climax rising, she began to fuck herself feverishly, anticipating the good, long nut that was on the tip of rupturing.

Q couldn’t take it anymore he blasted off shooting thick loads of cum, spurting into the air for what seemed like an eternity. He had never shot so much at one time!

Karen mouth watered at the sight of his nectar. Her toes gripped onto the carpet and pussy clamped down on her vibrator. She climaxed hard and pulled the vibrator out. Bashful now after their nightly ritual she quickly jumped up, closed the windows, closed the curtains and retreated for the night.

Q wiped his ejaculation off of his six pack and caught his breath.

Now that is my kind of woman..